What Causes Negative UF for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients?

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What is Ultrafiltration (UF) in Peritoneal Dialysis?
Ultrafiltration is simply the dialysis name for urination and the monitoring of your UF output is very important in measuring the ongoing effectiveness of your dialysis on a day to day basis. Persistent negative UF figures should be dealt with proactively and in consultation with your medical team.

My understanding is that the following can cause Negative UF:

  1. Dehydration
    Solution: Drink more during the day / on dialysis
  2. Insufficient Bowel Movement
    Solution: Take your laxatives [Guilty]
  3. Fibrin blocking the Catheter holes within your stomach
    Inspect: Drain Bags for cotton like floating strands of fibrin particularly in any painful drains.
    Solution: If not resolved by itself, inform the nurse and they will provide special medicine to help break up the fibrin.
  4. Incorrect position of the Catheter.
    Solution: Sitting upright during drain cycles or moving side to side during drain to stimulate the catheter.
    Solution: Consult with nephrologist, may result in a procedure to surgically move the catheter into a more desirable position
  5. Peritonitis 😥
    Inspect: Drain bags for cloudiness or particles
    Solution: Inform your Nurses and get yourself on antibiotics ASAP.

If at this point you're panicking about whether or not you're fluid overloaded. First, take a deep breath, hold it ...1...2...3... let it out.

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How To Tell if I am Fluid Overloaded as a PD Patient?
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Forgive the cheeky plugs. I hope this quick and easy troubleshoot guide on what might have caused your negative ultrafiltration helps!

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