A Little About Me...

😃 Hey there, I'm Lai!

Here's a little about me:

I'm 26 years old and at the height of the pandemic October 2020, I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure and crash landed in A&E for an immediate blood transfusion and found myself in women's renal ward hooked by the groin on a Hemodialysis machine for 5 weeks. (yikes).

I have been managing my Chronic Kidney Disease since the age of 11. However, my diagnosis for IGA Nephropathy was confirmed when I was 21, in my first year of university. The shock of reaching end stage renal failure at 23 was at the end of my first year at a Big Four accountancy role was definitely not planned!

I'm now living and working full time on Peritoneal Dialysis in the UK, waiting on the transplant list. I manage my own home dialysis regime consisting of 9 hours therapy each night alongside my (adjusted) 9 to 5 corporate job.

Welcome to my site!

This blog will document my journey as a young person with kidney disease, specifically a british born chinese woman waiting on the National Transplant Waiting List. If You Know, You Know...

I hope to share my experience of what it is like to manage a life long illness like kidney disease, which is not only a hidden disease but one without cure. I want to cover topics such as Home Dialysis Management, Working on Dialysis, Lifestyle and the charity work I am becoming more actively involved in.

I want to document, share and connect with others out there affected with this disease and show that you are not alone and a full and meaningful life on dialysis is possible. I've been on dialysis for over 2 years now, there's no time like the present and I will not wait for a kidney to arrive to live the life I deserve.

Please note that although Kidney Disease is common, the symptoms and characteristics of the disease are different for each individual. As such, my dialysis regime and medical plan are based on my blood results. I urge you to always consult with your medical team and not to take any medical advice from someone typing in bed on dialysis at night. 😅

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