My First Featured Article in the Kidney Matters Magazine - Winter 2023

My First Featured Article in the Kidney Matters Magazine - Winter 2023
Featured quote for the Young, Free and Cooking Up Adventure article in Kidney Matters Magazine Issue 23 Winter Edition

✨ This felt a landmark moment for me!

My first published article in the national Kidney Matters Magazine by Kidney Care UK for Winter 2023.

Deborah Duval, Editor

You only need read Lai Man’s wonderful report (page 6) of the Kidney Care UK Young Adult Kidney Group residential weekend to see how 60 young adults, all affected by chronic kidney disease, celebrated just being themselves for a weekend of fun and friendship

My first byline in printed format like EVER!

I was absolutely ecstatic when I was invited to write a featured article, a double page spread no less 🤩, on the "Young Adult Kidney Group Residential Weekend" at Mount Cook. It felt like such a privilege to be able to share my personal experience of what it was like at the weekend and hopefully inspire an audience of other young adults to come along next year.

Nothing compares to receiving a physical hard copy of the magazine in the post and seeing your name printed on the page!

I was really excited to work with the Kidney Matters Editorial Team and felt nervous having my work read by a professional editor. However, I wholly enjoyed the experience. I felt a sense of responsibility to write a good piece for the magazine that would display the many wonderful aspects of the Weekend for young adults with kidney disease, no matter how far along their journey.

I know too well how hard it is on the young people to have kidney disease in what feels like a patient population twice, sometimes three times our age!

My goal was to capture the spirit of how much the Residential Weekend means to me and other young adults who attend and truly inspire others to attend in spite of any fears of dialysing away from home, socialising with strangers and partaking in adventurous activities!

Without further ado...

My Featured Article: "Young, Free and Cooking Up Adventure" can be found on the Kidney Care UK Website

Alternatively you can download a PDF copy below

I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the Residential Weekend and to have the privilege to share this unique and wonderful experience with others within the kidney community in a featured article published in a national magazine!

Lai x

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