Document not Create

I have been in therapy for about a year now and what I have learnt is that one of the core beliefs that I want to live by is to help others. After the pain and turmoil of going through kidney failure which completely wrecked my life plans, short and long for career, love and personal shining thing still remains is that I like to help people.

And that is why I am starting to write.

I have identified and actually been repeatedly been told, and repeatedly denied, that I type fast and I write well. I have had many failed attempts at writing online blogs, personal journals, even YouTube videos and Podcasts scripts and sadly nothing has really stuck but I think that is my perfectionism getting in the way. So this is it. I am really going to start this blog and this time I am going to Document and not Create. Yes, I stole the quote from somewhere on YouTube.

What do you think the difference is this time? I am just going to write my daily life and my daily activities and musings. Nothing fancy. Nothing too imaginative either. After all, I am an Accountant. Don't think this profession is known for being very creative. Although, I've always thought my Excel Workbooks to be quite pretty and unique, but now my 4th year doing the same workbooks the colourful schemes and slowly turning to shades of grey and that is not any kinky reference!

Watch this space as my blog grows and hopefully me with it. :)



IGA Nephropathy confirmed at 21. Crashed into End Stage Renal Failure at 23. Now, I share with the world my 3 years lived experience on Home Peritoneal Dialysis and Post Transplant Living 10/10/2023